About Polly Weston

I could copy and paste my LinkedIn profile and credentials here, but what fun is that? I'm so much more than a list of qualifications and software application competencies. If you want those details, click here; otherwise, keep reading.

My career path wasn't the straight line I thought it would be when I graduated with my first piece of paper a few years (I mean decades) ago. Working as a Jr. Tax Accountant and ERO in a local firm, I found myself trying to reconcile, pun intended, a passion for creativity with an equally strong pull towards logical thinking and problem-solving. At the same time, the whole world of IT was beginning to blossom, and I was utterly smitten with the idea of standing up LAN/WAN networks in the office as well as our first email servers and coding a website. 

I just didn't know what I wanted to be when I grew up. But I already was .... grown up.

Fast forward a few years and I took my accounting degree to a young, but growing company that provided me with a platform and opportunity to work on projects in a variety of departments - operations, IT, and sales. Those experiences led me to discover the career path that could satisfy the neediness of both the left and right side of my brain. Marketing. 

Over 20+ years, I continued to "grow" up, polishing my skills, and honing my craft. So did that company. I matured into a well-seasoned marketing and IT pro. And the company graduated from a private equity venture to become part of a Fortune 1000 empire publicly traded on the NYSE. 

I'm still the gal who questions everything to understand a process better and who will paint a rainbow to ride on if I thought it would solve a business problem, create brand equity, enhance customer experience or drive sales. I've certainly never been accused of being shy or risk averse. 

There aren't too many marketing professionals out there these days with equally aligned logical and creative sides.  And even fewer who are pretty darn good at both. Maybe I should change my title to Marketing Unicorn? 

Hmmm. Now that does have a nice ring to it.